BMR Bottom Lift

BMR Bottom Lift

Tighten your tush. Bottom Lift uses clinically proven EMS technology to comfortably firm & tone gluteal (bottom) muscles.

BMR Bottom Lift

BMR Bottom Lift

BMR Bottom Lift is a safe, natural solution to looking younger. Body shapers and creams are just some ways to minimize the appearance of cellulite. Strengthening and toning your glutes from the inside-out is a more effective, long term solution to controlling the jiggle.

Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology is used to gently contract and relax your glute muscles, causing them to firm and tone. In just 20 minutes a day, 5 times a week, you will be on the road to a firmer, younger looking you.


“ Bio-Medical Research Lift series uses our body’s natural behavior to easily target the tough to manage body areas. I use similar technologies for body sculpting  in my practice and I am excited that BMR now offers EMS technology for at-home use.” 

- Dr.Shapiro Aesthetic Medicine, Director Mesotherapy Associates, New York



BMR Bottom Lift before and after

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BMR Activator for Lift

BMR Bottom Lift Features:

  • • 4 Beauty Lift programs
  • • 99 treatment levels for customizable treatment sessions
  • • Tones and firms entire gluteus muscle on both sides
  • • Beauty device hip sizes from 34” to 45” (pant sizes 4-18)


  • • Bottom Lift garment
  • • 1 set of 4 medical-grade GelPads
  • • Instruction manual
  • • Quick start guide
  • • Carrying case
  • BMR Bottom Lift Product Manual 


Requires a BMR Activator which is sold separately.

BMR Bottom Lift Clinical Results:

  • • In six-week clinical trials*:
  • • 9 out of 10 users reported an improvement in shape
  • • 8 out of 10 reported their clothes felt looser
  • • 7 out of 10 reported a more uplifted and well-defined bottom
  • • *Study: 2010, University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse

The gluteal muscles of the bottom are the largest in the body and are comprised of the maimus,medius and minimus. Together, these 3 muscles control extension (bringing the leg behind the body) and abduction (moving the leg away from the side of the body) of the hip joint .

The gluteal muscles make a significant contribution to your core stabilizing muscles which, if correctly trained, can significantly reduce the incidence and reoccurrence of injury to the lower back and knee joint. As well as to enhance the performance of both everyday tasks and sporting endeavors.