BMR Face



Natural Effortless Beauty


BMR Face uses stimulation technology to affect the nerves surrounding the facial muscles to help restore your natural beauty.

BMR Face uses the same stimulation technology previously only available in doctor's offices and better spas. The technology affects the nerves surrounding the facial muscles delivering comfortable natural stimulation to the targeted area. Using BMR's stim technology, the gentle, massage-like pulses are exchanged between the 2 medical-grade GelPads on the applicator. The GelPads are strategically positioned so they reach the nerves controlling the facial muscles affecting them simultaneously. BMR Face delivers a natural, effortless way to help rejuvenate a more youthful appearance.

Bio-Medical Research has over 50 years of experience in the researching and designing medical-grade electrotherapy devices for the improvement of skeletal musculature.

No one forgets a face. And little wonder. Your face is what makes you 'You', a unique combination of 21 muscles of facial expression that display your joy, sorrow, surprise and, unfortunately, age.

Unlike the rest of your body, where muscles are attached to bone, facial muscles are attached to the overlaying skin; so when they start to deteriorate and waste they can no longer support the skin - causing your face to sag and lose volume.

BMR Face uses natural, comfortable stimulation to enhance the natural beauty and youthful appearance of your face.

A convenient applicator positions pads on either side of your face to target the facial nerves that control the facial expression muscles.  Use BMR Face for 20 minutes a day to enhance your natural beauty and youthful appearance. 


  • 3 built in programs
  • 10, 15 and 20 minute treatment options
  • A variable intensity control 0-99, to suit all user requirements
  • Rechargeable headset-based delivery system and hand held controller



  • BMR Face Applicator
  • 12 sets of medical-grade GelPads™
  • Charger unit
  • Hand held controller
  • Instruction Manual
  • Quick Start Guide